WAP site

What is it?

WAP.Top.al is Top.al version that you can use on your cell phone. If the computer is not in reach then you can do it on your cellphone: in wap.top.al you can read and answer to your letters, view pictures, profiles, TOPs etc. Like this you can use Top.al in the nature, on a bus or on a train or when sitting in a traffic jam. If you have a very new phone, then try address PDA.Top.al which offers more features.

How to use wap.top.al?

Simply enter address wap.top.al to your WAP-browser on your cell phone and you will be in wap.top.al mobile version. You can make it your homepage, in that case wap.top.al will open every time you start mobile internet.

wap.top.al is not working on my phone, what to do?

To use wap.top.al you need a cell phone that supports WAP. WAP for cell phone is like internet for computer, all new cell phones support it. Possible that WAP is already configured on you phone, if not then find out who is your operator and do the following.

O2: visit O2 website and compleate the form.

Orange: to order configurations call 150 from your Orange phone if you are a "Pay Monthly" customer or call 450 if you are a "Pay As You Go" customer. Or simply visit Orange website and compleate the form.

T-Mobile: visit T-Mobile webpage and compleate the form.

Three: to order configurations call 333 free from your 3 mobile.

Vodafone: visit Vodafone website, enter the make and model, then select Configuration settings.

In few minutes your phone will receive suitable settings. Save them and you can use wap.top.al.

How much does it cost?

Top.al doesn't charge for using wap.top.al But in most cases cell phone operators do, exact price depends on the operator or your contract with your operator or of the sim/calling card price. Usually they charge according to the amount of data you are viewing, so the more pages and pictures you view the bigger your bill will be. It's not very expensive, but in any case it would be wise to check the prices first from you operator.

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