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Near your's nickname will appear VIP-icon
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Become a VIP and you can rate with 7 for only 20 bonuspoints!
To write private comments
Comments, which are visible only to you and receiver!
To see if your letters were read
In outbox you will see, if your letter was ridden and when it happened.
Fast photos check
Moderator will check your photo faster, than others.
To watch pictures in albums in original size
You will be able to watch pictures in albums in original size.
More ratings and profile views
Your picture will be rated more often, we will promote your picture every day in rating!
VIP design in photos and letters
Your's comments and letters will be noticeable among the others because of the cool design.
To use smileys
You can use smiles in your comments
To remove sent letters
You may remove sent letters and receiver won't know about it.
To use a slideshow in comments
Your pictures will be shown like a slideshow in comments.
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