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As ni femen spaska :P
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last visit: 22.04.2018 - 10:25
registered 27.12.2008 - 21:47
name nImO
growth 185 cm
birth date
23. March  
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country, city
Maqedonia, Maqedonia, Shkup  
location Shkup
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languages Boshnjakisht** , Bullgarisht** , Arabisht*

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Vec hajt :D
Monday, 10. October 2016 Time 23:32
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Babai dhe i biri i tij filozof.
Thursday, 23. June 2016 Time 04:12
Dikur jetonte në një fshat një cift i cili merrej më së shumti me b... read more »


Class of 2014»
Државен универзитет во Тетово
shpresoj :)


Chelsea 5 (community owner) , LajTa 4 (community owner)


libra 155 , muzik 162 , muzika 65 , sport 306

extra information

Syte shohin, shihen; fshehin, fshihen; Syte hetojne, hetohen, …syte verbohen. Syte qeshen, qeshin; ndizen, ndezin, Syte dashurojne, dashurohen, …syte harrohen. Syte lotojne, lotohen; digjen, shkrumbohen, Syte heshtin, s’flasin, …syte vrasin. Shtati kallkan ngrin, syte mbesin, hapur, kur vdesim...

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miku me i mire qe mund te kete nje njeri :)
blertta1 15.02.2011 - 10:15
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Ellie Goulding - Burn
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