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Ate që Zoti s'ta dha nga njerëzit mos e kerko kurr
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caniii ankeedi pilt
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last visit: 24.09.2018 - 23:13
registered 26.11.2009 - 09:08
name Elbasan Halili
growth 175 cm
birth date
10. October  
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country, city
Zvicra, Genève, Onex  
location Kosova Viti Gjilan Ferizaj
occupation Sportistë
homepage Facebook Instergram Twiter
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languages Frengjisht*** , Shqip** , Anglisht** , Gjermanisht*


  • caniii - Caniii Me Mesen Time Erina
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  • caniii - Caniii Si Ju Dokna Ketu

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Class of 2013»
Universiteti i Prishtinës
Ekry Ekry Most Javnin Ok


Juventus 24 , Manchester​ Unaited 9 (community owner) , Real Madrid Fc 2 (community owner) , 20843


big bradher albania 8 , muzik shqip , sport normal..

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Meminxi Se Emusha Pak Ket Test Hehehe

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Ghetto Geasy feat. Flori Mumajesi - Dashni me retbull
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