Internet warning

To parents

In general, the internet is a good place. Thanks to internet, people can find new friends with similar interests, can be more social. Then again just like on the streets, bad things can also happen on the internets. Your children can't become drug dealers or steal cars on the internet, but still, there are some dangers to be considered. It's parent's duty to protect their children from these dangers.

Spend more time with your children. Children try to escape to the virtual world when there are problems in the real life or if nobody listens to their problems. If your relationship with your children is based on trust then you can influence them in a positive way. Don't try to control your child all the time - if there's trust between you then the child will ask for help or advice him/herself. Nowadays children know a lot more than you about the internet and because of that don't lecture and deny all the time but listen, ask and let them teach you, like this you will learn a lot more and protect your children.

Ask what is there good/bad about in Make yourself an account in, add your child to your friend list. Take a look at your child's profile - which information is visible only to friend in the list, which to everybody. If there's something that bothers you then try explaining why it's bothering you and guide him/her. Commanding and denying doesn't work. If your child is being harassed or bullied then they don't usually know how to react. Unfortunately the law is weak in this case - real action can be taken only when something has already happened and it's too late. Ask your child to always tell you if something disturbing or suspicious is going on.
And once again - the internet is a real communication environment for children nowadays and you can't forbid it (taking away internet will be soon the same as house arrest). Learn yourself, listen to your children and find time for them!

To kids is a perfect place to find friends and to interact with them but please remember, that like in real life, there are also dangers on the internet. To avoid them, we suggest to follow these safety rules.

Remember that the information you publish, is accessible and visible to others. Basically that's OK but it also means you shouldn't upload something that you don't want others to see! There are different people in the world, good and bad. Some bad ones use the internet, so if you don't want them to get your e-mail, MSN or phone number, then just don't show them in public. Protect your profile - choose internet access places as carefully as you choose your own passwords.

Don't go out with people whom you met on the internet. If you really have to then tell about it to your parents - let them know where you are and how they can reach you. If this also is not a solution then let your friends know. Take somebody with you to the first date (grown up recommended). Meet in a place where there are a lot of people - mall, popular cafe, etc. If possible check with whom you are really dealing with, check if you have common friends. Remember - people are not always have as good of intentions as you would assume.

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