Everyone, who registered as a user on is familiar with the rules and agree to act according to them when using the website.

Site rules service is free (except additional services) and using it workson "as is" principal. owners are not responsible for possibleconsequences arising from using the site. owners remain theright to change site rules according to necessity, changes will bedisplayed on this page.

We ask the people who do not agree with rules, not to use site. All the damage caused by violating this rule, makes the person who causes the damage fully responsible. There will be no refunds of the virtual money if the users account is blocked. can also block virtual money completely on user's account when really needed.

If owners do not want to offer service to a certain site user, they can block this user's account without explanation.

It is forbidden to use personal data which does not belong to you in your profile. Every user can have only one account. Repeated accounts will be blocked without warning.

Its forbidden to send chain letters and advertise companies, services, products, webpages etc via your mailbox, public comments, forums or your account/profile. Please alert the moderators by sending them complaints concerning things like these, adding copy of the received message with the message senders' names, time of sending or other evidence necessary.

Threatening, offensive or indecent content is forbidden, be it in public forum, private messages, picture comments or usernames, Distributing religious beliefs, racist propaganda or other unethical and illegal activities are also forbidden. When using, you have to remain polite, when communicating with other users.

It's forbidden to rate pictures, view profiles also using programs or scripts.

It is forbidden to open other users accounts or to disturb users privacy in some other way by taking away their right to use the site conveniently.

In case of a violation of the rules depending how heavy was the violation violator will receive a punishment. If the violation wasn't very big and it was unintentional then violator will be warned by moderator. Moderator's decisions are permanent. If the violation against rules is heavy then user's account will be blocked with no further notice and it will not be possible to get that account back.

Rules for processing personal data

Agreeing with current rules means user has given to owners approval process information which has been published by user on, this includes pictures and other personal data:

  • 1. to provide services by owners;
  • 2. for service and marketing by owners, which includes offering users more personal, comfortable and innovative solutions by owners and through partners.
  • 3. for owners' own goals if using user's data, including pictures, if it is not in conflict with general ethics and unconstitutional according to Estonian law.

When using service or application, which presupposes giving user's data to third party (including companies outside owners' concern), who are related to buying particular service, user has beforehand agreed giving them his/her personal data, including pictures, which are needed to use this particular service. If user takes back previously mentioned approval then it will be considered as request to disclaim using this service. owners guarantee that will not publish your pictures and other personal data on, in online or offline publication which violate Estonian law.

Agreeing with current rules, user gives owners permission to send users its own or partners advertisements to user's mailbox and send company's information to user's e-mail. owners guarantee, that they will not give out or forward users e-mail addresses or data, including pictures up on to others (not included companies in Estonian Telecom group), not included for previously mentioned (2.) objectives.

Rules for adding pictures

The picture you want to add has to be in JPEG format. The picture has to cover the whole picture area ( white edges left from scanning are forbidden) and has to be positioned vertically.

The person and his/her face have to be clear/visible on the picture. The person on the picture should be on the forefront, for example pictures more then 15 people on them are not in accordance with this rule. Before adding the picture, please make sure that the quality and size of the picture are ok. Too small, blurry or hazy pictures will not be accepted by moderators.

If there's more then 1 person on the picture then the owner of the picture has to bring out him/herself by marking/identifying his/her location on or under the picture. If it's possible to understand who's the account's/picture's owner by just looking at the picture or it's name then you have brought yourself out to forefront the right way. Picture name can be in English.

Pornographic or erotic pictures are forbidden. Moderators decide where is the limit between pornographic/erotic and not. Obscene or insulting pictures and picture names are not allowed. By character illegal, agitating racism, hostile or violent (for example aiming at somebody with a gun) pictures are forbidden.

Pictures where narcotics, alcohol or tobacco is shown or used are forbidden. Moderator can prohibit a picture if the user/users on the picture are obviously drunk, where cigarette is the main object of the picture or the picture/picture's description agitates to use alcohol/cigarettes. Cannabis leaf and hookah are also considered as narcotic signs.

Pictures of children at age of 0 - 6 (6 included) are forbidden. All pictures of under 7 years olds are considered child pictures, unless the owner of the account is a 7-10 year old computer user. If a 25 year old person uploads a photo of him/herself when he/she was 9 it is also considered as a child picture. When a 9 year old adds a picture of him/herself where they are 9, then this is acceptable.

Forbidden are pictures which contain advertisement on the picture or in the picture's name, also company's or photo maker's (including picture processor's or a group dealing with processing) logo on the picture edge. If the username and account don't contain advertisements, then it's allowed to show this username on the picture and under the picture as a owner/maker/processor - "made by..." or just written. On the pictures as well as in the picture's name it's forbidden to use the copyright sign ©.

Forbidden are pictures where the person on the picture is not recognizable any more due to processing, processing has deformed the picture too much or is attracting too much attention. Also using a background from another picture and cutting together several pictures is forbidden. If processing makes the picture's quality better (fixes focus/sharpness/balance) then it's allowed.

You can only add one of the same picture to your account.

It is forbidden to add pictures which are not yours or could be copyrighted. If the owner of the picture does not have the right/permission to use a picture where are other people on, then it is prohibited to display/upload this picture. Also using copyrighted details (backgrounds, logos, aso.) is forbidden.

In case of copyright violation suspicion, please talk first to the offending profile owner who has published picture on If violation continues despite of the correspondence, please send email to Please copy-paste to the e-mail message all previous correspondence with copyright offender (including message titles and dates). If you see someone using your picture without your consent, please send us link to the offenders account and to the picture in question and label it as "offender". Also send us link to your profile and label it as "account owner". Also please add links of everybody related to this problem to the letter.

If the author of the picture or person who is on the picture has not given the permission for publishing the picture and makes a complaint then the person who published it will be fully responsible and must deal with the consequences

According to the law, all data, which could help to catch the copyright violator, will be handed over to special state- or city service. Please bear in mind, when adding pictures, that moderators have the right to forbid any picture which is not in conflict with the rules above but consist improper material or could harm somebody.

If the pictures are appropriate is decided by moderators.

Picture signature is not the right place to argue withmoderators, it may bring along picture declining. If you have questionsabout the rules, go to forum " discussions" or ask a moderator.

Inside currency user can buy services for UK pounds. On page your money are listed options for loading money - as a result user gets SOLs to his/her account which can be exchanged for services. Services and their prices are listed on services page. There will be service fee added for loading money depending on the loading method - when related expences are bigger then service fee is also bigger.

Some loading methods have limits. Limit size is on money loading page. For SMS-payment limit is always bigger then one most expensive SMS, limit will be mentioned in first answer to SMS (user will be notified how much money he/she can load). has the exclusive right to sell site's virtual currency (SOL). Selling virtual currency from user to user is not allowed. If this rule is ignored then has the right to block seller's and buyer's user and money.

Virtual money (SOL) has expiration date, sols expire 6 months after last use of paid service or 6 months after last site visit. Sols will be removed from account when they expire. Users will receive a note about virtual money expiration 30, 7 jand 1 day before expiration date. To extend expiration date user must buy any kind of paid service on site,add money to account or receive sols from other users. Virtual money, received from site (for games etc), does not extend expiration date. User can see expiration date in account statement.

OpenSocial applications rules and conditions

Adding this application will give it access to your public profile information and your friends list.By adding an application to your profile, your public profile information will be shared through the application with its developer, with your friends who receive your updates and with any other viewer or user of the application whether that viewer or user is on our site or another website where the application is displayed (collectively, "Data Recipients"). By "public profile information", we mean all information that is available on your profile that does not have a privacy setting that limits access to friends of friends, friends or yourself. This includes content such as photos and videos.

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