Match meter

Match-meter read more about it on this page. Here are two lists - match-meter tests taken by you and tests taken about you. Good luck! :)

you took

You haven´t done any tests yet (or all your results have already been deleted) so your match-meterś list is empty.

taken about you

No active tests about you so this list is empty.

People on this list (you took/taken about you): 0/0

match-meter's manual

Match-meter is an instrument with which itis possible to measure your suitability with someone of the opposite sex top.aluser.;) Result shows suitability percentage and explaining text. Match-meter is really a scientific mechanism which considers all parameters. But we can't say more ;)

To usematch-meter go to services page. Results will be shown in your and on The Other User's match-meter pages where it is immediately visible and noticed. You can delete the results - if you do, you don't see it any more and results also disappear from the other user page. In other words, it will disappear forever.

Results change once a day so it's meaningless to calculate your suitability with the same person several times a day, the result just won't change.

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