Fame- this is ypur popularity indicator. It will be shown in every user's profile.


The more users add you to friendlist the higher your fame is! It is good if your friends are popular, because the higher their fame is the higher yours will be. If you add friends with low fame, your fame will not increase.

This is you
your friends
friends friends

How do you get fame?

Scheme shows user, who was added to friendlist by three users- 1, 2, 3. Nobody has added user nr 2 to friendlist so this user will not increase your fame. User nr 3 will increase your fame the most because the most users added him to their friendlist.

What fame shows?

Fame shows how popular you are based on your friends popularity.
The more you have friends with high fame the more popular are you.

You can compare your fame with the site's most popular users on (statistics page) or your friends fame.

Who is the most popular, you or your friend?

How to increase your fame?

No fake account will help you there. Reason is simple- those fake accounts are "unpopular". Real users will increase your fame who add you to their friendlist.


Little hint: to increase your fame you can invite your friends to join the page. At first your fame does not increase but once other users start to add them to their friendlist, your fame will invrease also. In addition you receive bonuspoints for every registered user who was invited by you.

You can invite friends from your MSN list, Gmail contacts or via email. If user registeres, you are automaticaaly in his friendlist. You can find all these methods from invitations page, rubric "settings".

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