bonus points

The bonus points are used in many procedures in can earn them easily. Below there's an explanation how you can earn and use bonus points.

sum action note
+10 at least one logging during the day you receive your points once a day, early in the morning (in case you log in several times, you still get 10 points) 
+20 victory in the game Pick me you can play only with users who have pictures 
+50 picture rating
rate picture »
to earn bonuspoints you should rate 50 pictures. You can rate pictures if your email address is confirmed and you have at least one picture in your profile. Add picture » 
+50 answering to poll on main page one user can answer only to valid poll and only once 
+70 one rating with SMS points go to the user who rated and also to the picture owner  
-5 sending one extra letter through mailbox (in case you have sent more than 100 letters per day) first 100 letters are free; daily limit will go to zero early in the morning 
-10 participating in game Pick me only users with picture can play 
-10 If you did not log in yesterday, you will loose bonuspoints. Points will be removed from your account once a day, early in the morning. 
-20 changing profile (in case you already changed it once during 6 hours) once in 6 hours you can change your profile for free 
-20 remove user from friendlist delete users from your friendlist » 
-80 adding or changing one picture adding first picture is free 
rating with 1 sum of bonuspoints - 50 or 100 - depends on your rating type objectivity 
-500 new club adding create club » 

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