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blinera blog

I told myself I’d be okay

I could live without you

I was wrong

I couldn’t survive the day.

It was so long when you were away.

You asked me

would I be alright.

I laughed in your face

But on my own I cried

Convincing myself it was only one night.

Knowing deep down I should have tried.

We are together now and then

it’s not enough

it’s just not fair.

I love you with all my heart

But we are forced to remain apart.

it’s not enough

it’s just not fair

I need you every day, but can’t ask you to be there.

I’m still here

Bring me back from this nightmare of dreams

it’s where you left me to be

screaming in my sleep

but sleeping soundlessly

why don’t you help me

like you said you always would

it’s not like you to break this promise

you never have before

i promise to forget you juss like you forgot me

i promise to not need you juss like you don’t need me

i promise to love you always

even if you don’t love me

tossing and turning but staying as still as stong

i’m seeing you there

walking away as you often do

but you’re always there waiting

i want things to be the way they were before

but i’m afraid that it won’t happen

take me away from feeling anything

but bring me back to feel something


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Love is life, keep your love near your soul
#1, 29.11.2011 - 22:02

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