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  • In albums it is forbidden to show erotic or pornographic images.
  • Pictures that contain racist, hatred, violence or otherwise illegal activities are not allowed.
  • If you do not own copyright to picture, do not upload the picture.
  • If you do not follow the rules, your album will be deleted, if its bigger violation, your account will be closed.
  • The Account owner is responsible on any rule violations.
  • All data that can be used to track down copyright abusers will be provided to the proper law enforcement agencies according to the law.
  • Comments in albums must be made according to site rules. Offenders accounts will be closed and such comments will be removed.
  • If any picture or album does not follow site rules, please fill our "report abuse" form. moderators will see the complaint and if complaint is justified, will take the needed action and remove the offending content. Only moderators will decide what is appropriate and what is not for our site.

  • Adding isulting, obscene, harassing pictures to albums is forbidden.

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